How To Choose The Best Vitamins For Women’s Health

It’s true that women need vitamins that are different from what men need. This is what makes choosing the right vitamins for women’s health a very specific task. Women’s special needs for vitamins have spawned a whole market specifically to cater to this segment. To figure out just what these needs are, read on.

Women need specific vitamins because at different stages of their lives, their bodies experience many drastic physiological changes that men don’t experience. This means that their need for a good and nutritious diet and supplementation are basic to their good health.

Some of the body changes that women experience which may require choosing the right vitamins for women’s health are discussed below:


When women go through PMS, they may experience mood swings, bloating, and irritability. At such a time, choosing the right vitamins for women’s health is crucial. This is when she needs Vitamin B-6 in doses of about 50-100 mg which helps to keep both the depression and nausea at bay. Vitamin B-6 also helps if women experience memory loss, and heart disease, by producing hormones and brain chemicals that help strengthen their immunity.


If women have upset stomachs due to pregnancy, they can take Vitamin B6 which helps with nausea. Many women and doctors have discovered that turning to this vitamin is oftentimes the only thing that helps morning sickness. Women can also take Folic Acid when pregnant, which prevents neural tube deficits.

Pregnant women can benefit greatly from taking cod liver oil, which is a great source of Vitamins A, D and K, and Vitamin B2 or Riboflavin. These nutrients found in cod liver oil can guard against preeclampsia, which can be fatal for both new mothers and their babies.


Once women have given birth, it’s time to breastfeed their newborns. But though mother’s milk is filled with an abundance of nutrition, it has been found to be deficient in Vitamin D. However, this can be offset by the mother taking cod liver oil during her pregnancy.

This helps in the baby’s brain development and provides sufficient doses of Vitamin K which assists in bone-building. At this time too, consuming the proper nutrients for women’s health is absolutely critical since women now have the baby’s health and development to worry about.


As women get older and reach menopause, they need to be particular of their vitamin intake. Here, again, choosing the right vitamin for women’s health involves taking additional nutrients such as Vitamin E. As an a antioxidant, Vitamin E counteracts the effects of DNA damage which can cause cells to age and guards against heart disease, cancer, memory loss, cataracts, and also improves immunity.

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